1a. Cobwebb Server Software Cumulative PTFs


Cumulative PTFs are a package of all the objects fixed since the release of a Cobwebb Server Software version. Note: All PTFs have been applied to the current released Cobwebb Server Software version available for download.

CPPD 6.2.76

Rev2 – Issues Resolved

  • missing http docs files
  • “Duplicate Document Handling:” not visible in Docstore Doctype creation and configuration
  • AFAXIMG not cleared down correctly on deleting a PPD
  • Program to Delete Orphan AFAXIMG members


CPPD 6.2.73

Rev1 – Issues Resolved

  • XML and SCS Email Attachments contain ‘confused’ text



CPPD 6.2.69

Rev3 – Issues Resolved

  • First Page selection error on spooled file where the area selected for checking the first page is blank on every page in the spooled file.
  • Data area *LIBL/QRYDLY was not found (C G D F) when working with System parameters.