Cobwebb Server Software

For details on how to install the Cobwebb Server Software please read
Installing & Configuring the Cobwebb Server Software.

Alternatively download the
Cobwebb Document Management User Guide PDF and read the “Installing & Configuring the Cobwebb Server Software” section.

Release Candidate

Version 6.2.87 – Compatible with OS400 V6R1M0 and above

Released – 21st December 2023

Cobwebb Communications Ltd. are proud to announce the latest Release Candidate [v6.2.87] of the Cobwebb Server Software.

This is the latest version and includes Enhancements and Fixes. For a full list, read What’s New in Cobwebb Document Management. This will be promoted to the Production Version once proven. Here are the highlights:


  • New Folder Monitor to email documents in a folder direct to your SMTP Mail Server. 
  • New Job Launcher Monitor to release scheduled email based on the Date / Time variables supplied in the Email Output Device of your Cobwebb Design. 
  • New Work with PPD Routeing which allows you to configure Printer and Email override details based on up to four pieces of information, supplied by your Cobwebb Design. It allows you to configure complex scenarios outside of a PPD using Equal to, Less than or Equal to, Greater than or Equal to, Less than and Greater than, via an ordered sequence of checks. When a match is found then that is the override that is used.

Download  – This is a zipped ISO image.

Production Version

Version 6.2.86 – Compatible with OS400 V6R1M0 and above

Released – 22nd December 2022

This is the recommended version for Production environments.


  • The Cobwebb Server System Installation Wizard now allows you to install / upgrade a library other than CPPD.
  • There is a new option to put %ATTACHMENT in the Message for an Email Output Device which allows you to design a PPD to output the information in the Message Body rather than adding it as an attachment to the Email.
  • Docstore enhancements include:
    • Better searching by date

Download  – This is a zipped ISO image.

Legacy Versions

For customers running IBM OS400 V5R4M0 and below, please download the relevant legacy version from here.