Cobwebb Docstore Capture

Integrating seamlessly into your business system, Cobwebb Docstore Capture simplifies the process of document capture and archiving through the use of OCR technology.

While business processes are moving more and more towards digitisation, organisations are still required to keep historic paper-based documents, which take up physical storage space within their business.

Cobwebb Docstore Capture facilitates full document archiving and retrieval by using OCR technology to transform scanned images, such as supplier invoices and delivery notes, into machine-readable data. This data is automatically entered into your business system, where it can be indexed and cross-referenced, making it searchable and retrievable.  

By simplifying the process of digitisation, Cobwebb Docstore Capture helps create a paperless working environment, reduces errors that result from time-consuming manual data entry, and offers greater compliance and data security. The software works invisibly with your existing business products and allows for instant access to relevant data when needed.


  • Simplifies process of document capture
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Greater compliance through improved security and business processes
  • Securely backs up documents
  • Reduces cost and volume of physical document storage
  • Eliminates errors caused by manual data entry