Forms Management & Distribution

Paperless form management and distribution ensures all documents are centrally and securely stored, allowing for easier and more efficient management of your complete business data.

Documents and forms are essential to the running of a business, but the processes around them are often inefficient and prone to inaccuracies. Cobwebb Communications’ suite of document management software helps you to securely manage and distribute forms electronically, to reduce the risk of mistakes and boost employee efficiency.

Cobwebb Print

Making possible PCL, AFP, IPDS, SCS, PDF direct thermal and barcode printing.

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Cobwebb Barcode

Essential for adding barcodes to spooled files, Cobwebb Barcode automatically creates barcodes for printing labels and documentation such as despatch notes and invoices.

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Cobwebb Email

Allowing the sending of email from IBM i, with optional web browser interface.

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Cobwebb XML

Allows you to send the text content of documents in a format which can be read by Internet browsers, spreadsheets and other business systems.

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Cobwebb Mobile POD

Cobwebb Mobile POD (Proof Of Delivery) is a customer-driven solution for cost effective proof of delivery using the latest available hardware and software advances.

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Cobwebb File

Generating files (in various formats such as PDF, SCS, DOC, CSV, and TXT) for distribution to IFS, Windows or other network-connected folders.

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Cobwebb Fax

Allowing faxing from IBM i, with optional web browser interface.

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