Digital Workforce

The future of work?

The economy and working trends are always changing. We strive for more productivity with less resources, and the impact of technology grows more each day. What will the workforce of the future look like?

The workforce of the future will increasingly take advantage of digital workers to support the efforts of the employees. Digital workers in the form of software robots will start to take on administration tasks which are manually repetitive. Robots will become an increasingly normal part of the workforce with team leaders assigning tasks to robots, removing the administrative burden from their team.

Employees will be supported by digital workers to enable them to focus more time on higher-value tasks and less on time-consuming, repetitive administration tasks. Employees will experience additional time they previously didn’t have. This approach has just started to catch on. One software robots vendor reported an 800% increase in customer numbers in 2017. Companies see the value and are adopting it.

Digital Workforce will be packaged as a service. Providing all the technology, know-how, infrastructure and consulting expertise required to deliver an effective digital workforce experience. Employers will have new choices. They will have the option of deploying a robot or employing a person or both and allowing the robot to do the admin whilst the person adds the value. It will make many jobs more enjoyable.

Future workforce considerations

  • How will it be?
  • Who's got my back?
  • Who can provide?