Cobwebb Document Support

Cobwebb Document Support is a service provided by Cobwebb Communications to supplement Software Support & Maintenance. Document Support covers the document design templates that are unique to you.

Our Complete Document Services Outsource option includes Template Management, Document Maintenance and any modifications that may want to apply to all documents included in your plan.

If you need to contact us regarding your Document Support, this document outlines the process and the service levels you can expect from us.

Our standard support hours are Monday to Friday 9am-5.30pm GMT. If you require Out of Hours support please speak to one of our team for further information.


  • Contact Details
  • Online Support Procedures
  • Response Targets

Contact Details

Contact details for incident support along with other useful links, can be found on the Support Welcome page of the Cobwebb website which can be accessed from the following link: Support Welcome

All incidents are managed via the Incident Management Portal, which maintains the support tickets for any incidents reported. The incident Management Portal can be accessed from the following link: Help Desk

Online Support Procedures

If an issue needs to be raised, a certain amount of information will be required to enable the incident support team to look into the issue.  The process for logging an incident and the required information is detailed in the online support manual at the following link: Online Support Procedures

Response Targets

Cobwebb will endeavour to achieve the following Response Targets based on the Severity Level, detailed in the Severity Levels table below, as determined by the Customer.

  • 1 hour response time for Severity 1 Incidents.
  • 2 hour response time for Severity 2 Incidents
  • 8 hour response for Severity 3 & 4 Incidents.
  • No target for Severity 5 Incidents

Response Target(s) are calculated as the difference between the time an incident is appropriately logged into the Incident Management Portal and the time of our first value ­added communication. Value ­added communication may include, without limitation, requests for additional information, the collection of error logs, findings from initial issue triage, timeline for the next step, or providing existing information from the Documentation.

Severity Levels



Description Examples
1 Production System Down Our customer’s production system is inoperable, or a critical application failure has occurred and business processes are halted. There are no workarounds available.
2 High A critical business process is impaired, causing a serious disruption of a major business function and is causing a serious impact on daily functions or processing, and there is no acceptable workaround.
3 Medium Non-critical issue occurs with the system. Our customer is able to run the Component System, and there is an acceptable workaround for the issue.
4 Low An inquiry or low impact issue that does not require immediate attention. This includes cosmetic issues on screens, errors in documentation, or a request regarding use of the Component System.
5 Suggestion for Enhancement A suggestion is made for enhancing the system by adding new features or improving existing features.


Customer Care

If at any time you are unsatisfied with the service you are receiving it is essential you contact Customer Care (+44 (0)1732 447900) who can escalate an Incident or assign resources, as required.