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The Cobwebb Server software includes all of the functions required to process your documents on the IBM i. The automatic processing of your IBM i spool files is handled by the jobs running in the CPPD Subsystem. The Cobwebb Server software includes the following:

Users & Operators

The CPPD Subsystem

PPD Description

Printing Messages

Processing Spool Files

Cobwebb PPD Statistics

Cobwebb/400 compatibility

The Cobwebb Document Management Server software functionality is split into two main menus:

Cobwebb Main menu

Cobwebb Fax & Email menu

From version 6.2.68 of the Cobwebb Server software we have provided a Cobwebb Tools menu which contains various Spooled File tools, together with the new Cobwebb Job Scheduler. There is an additional option to switch your interactive Cobwebb environment into TEST mode to aid with testing your designs. This will override the output Status to be Held for Print, Fax and Email destinations only. This TEST mode also has a TRACE option which may be enabled to add extra information to the JOBLOG to help identify any issues you may have such as the Parameter values on the Input and Output of Exit programs.