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Messages containing any type of graphics may only be printed on a laser printer.

Messages may be printed from the Cobwebb queue using option 6 at any time, or they can be printed automatically when a messages is sent as a 'confirmation' that the message has been sent.

Printing from the queue

If the Option 6 (Print) is taken from the queue the message will be printed on the printer associated with the signed on IBM i User.

Printing 'Sent/Received' messages automatically.

If the Auto Print Option in the System Parameters is set to print outgoing messages and a print queue and library have been specified in the Auto Print Queue for the user, then once the message has been sent a copy will be printed to this print queue (with the Userid of the user who created the message), unless the print queue is:  

*USER in which case the message will be printed on the default output queue specified in the User Id of the user who created it.

*NONE in which case a copy will not be printed to ANY print queue.

Blank, if the user's print queue and library are blank, or if there is no Cobwebb User profile, the message will be printed to the output queue specified in the Cobwebb Fax print file PPRFPRT, the default output queue is *JOB which will use the output queue in the job description CPPD (default QPRINT in library CPPD).

System and User parameter setup

If you are using Cobwebb Fax to Send a Fax, or using the Work with queue option, the way Cobwebb Fax operates can be adjusted to suit the requirements of each user.  Features, which can be configured, include cover pages, logos, printing, display formats etc.

The default configuration for all users is held in the System Parameters.  Individual users can have different settings as specified in the Work with User Profiles for each user.

Note:  When installing Cobwebb Fax for the first time it is important to check that the default Cobwebb Fax system parameters are as required, otherwise it may be necessary to update all the user profiles later.  A Cobwebb user profile is automatically created with the default parameters the first time a new user sends a fax, using Cobwebb Fax to prepare the fax.