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Creating your Overlay

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To create your overlay you need to have installed the Cobwebb PPD Printer Driver onto your PC.  You need to create your form overlay before embarking on mapping your spool file.  The overlay may be created in MS Word or any other imaging package that supports standard Windows print drivers.

Once you have designed your overlay, as you would like it, you then need to select to Print from the File menu (Ctrl P) and select to print to the Cobwebb PPD Printer driver.  This will convert the document into an image of the correct format to be included within your PPD design i.e. .png.  

Make sure that you use a maximum of eight characters for the name as then PPD can keep the same name when the image is uploaded to the Server. Note: Depending upon which version of Windows you are using you may need to change the file extension to .png.

You may find that you need to make some minor adjustments later on but this is easy as you just change your original document and re-print it using the Cobwebb PPD Printer driver. For more details see the topic Creating an Overlay Image with the Cobwebb PPD Printer driver.

Colour Images

Colour Images are supported in the following output devices:


PDF DataStream only

PDF DataStream can only be used if your version of SPLAMATIC is V2R3M0 or higher. You will also need to make sure that the PDF image process blending includes *PREBLEND32 - see Configuring SPLAMATIC for PDF Direct printing for details.


PDF only


PDF only

Hints for designing your overlay

Include your company logo into your document overlay

Draw boxes around Name & Address information

Insert a signature - unless it changes depending upon data in the spool file.

Note: Addition of text to your overlay is better included as Static Text when designing your PPD file.