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The Cobwebb Fax Directory is used to store frequently used Fax numbers.  Each directory entry is normally used to hold one Fax number, use the keywords to make lists of directory entries, for sending to multiple destinations. This can be found from the Cobwebb Main Menu - PPD File Maintenance - Work with directory - Option 1.

Keywords may be assigned to each directory entry.  If the directory is displayed when sending a fax it is displayed in keyword order, up to 999 keywords may be entered against each directory entry and so the same directory entry can appear under 999 different keywords.

All the entries listed under a keyword may be selected (sending to the whole list) or one or more entries may be selected (selecting from a list).  This assists in controlling redundancy by allowing the same entry to be identified by many different names.

Directory entry names can be up to 19 characters in length.  As the directory is a system-wide facility, you should consider administering it centrally to minimise redundancy and maintain uniformity of naming conventions, etc.

The directory may be printed using the PRTDIR command or F15 from the Work with Fax directory display.  

Position to

Enter one or more characters from which to start the display.


Select one of the following options:


Allows you to add a new fax directory entry. This option is only valid on the top (entry) line of the display.


When the Fax directory is called when pressing F4 from Send a Fax it allows you to select one or more directory entries in order to specify fax destinations.


Use this option to revise an existing fax directory entry.


Use this option to delete an existing fax directory entry.

8=Fax numbers

Use this option to work with fax numbers associated with a directory entry.


Entry Name

The name by which the directory entry is known. This must not begin with an asterisk (*).  When specifying destinations, an asterisk is used to prefix a directory entry name (e.g. *ABC001).


The description of the directory entry. If the System parameter or Cobwebb user profile parameter 'Output directory description' is 'Y' then this description will be output to the Fax header 'To:' line (50 chs).

If the Fax destination is ‘NOFAX’ a fax will NOT be created when using the Cobwebb Fax API or the SNDFAXP command (do not select a NOFAX destination for manually prepared faxes).

Function Keys


Exits the Work with fax directory and returns to the Maintenance menu, without updating. Press Enter to Update.


Cancels the Work with fax directory and returns to the Maintenance menu, without updating. Press Enter to Update.

F15=Print directory

Prints the fax directory by directory entry. Prints each entry in the directory with all the associated Fax details.

F16=Print directory by keyword

Prints the fax directory by keyword. Prints the fax number associated with each keyword in keyword order.

F17=Update PC directory

Use this option to create a PC file containing all the fax numbers in the Cobwebb Fax Directory.  This file can be accessed using the Cobwebb Fax Windows Fax Printer.  The name of the fax directory file created on the PC is ADIRFAX in folder CPPD.

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