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Cobwebb Fax supports all the features which are required in a well laid out fax, i.e.:

A heading line at the top of the fax showing a reference number, date/time TSI (Transmitting Subscriber Identity), number to which the fax is being sent and a Page Count.

A fax cover page including a company logo showing the company name and header details including the name of the sender 'From', the company name to which the fax is being sent 'To', the name of the recipient 'Attn' and some reference information 'Ref'.  The cover page is selectable by user so that the users working from different locations can use different logos.

The text.  This includes various text 'Enhancement' features, such as the choice of Type Styles (Fonts), the possibility to include graphics and overlays and Landscape as well as Portrait mode.

A footer line with a page number showing 'continued' to the next page, and a page count on the last page of the fax.

The header line and footer lines of each page of a fax is generated by Cobwebb Fax and consist of:

The Heading line:

 The Cobwebb Fax reference number

 Date and time

 Company name/fax number

 The number the fax is being sent to

 The Page number

The Footer line:

 On the last line of each page will be 'Continued Page nn' or

 on the last page 'Last Page: Total Pages nn'

The first and last lines will be printed over any image; the only reason they will not appear on the receiving fax machine is if the paper size is incorrect.


The format of an outgoing fax with cover page may look like this:

S00001 01 OCT 1995 10:30 Cobwebb Comms Ltd  To: 01732 822804   Page 1


 To  :        Smith Manufacturing Ltd

 Attn:        John Smith

 From:        A N Other

 Ref :        Cobwebb Fax installation

 Message Details :        This is the text of the fax, or if prepared on the PC the text will follow as an image.


                         Last Page: Total Pages 1