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RUNPPD - Manually run a PPD file

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This command must be run on the IBM i and is a much simpler version of the CRTPPD command. Make sure that you have the CPPD library in your library list.  To do this, enter the following command: -


If the library already exists in your library list, you will receive an error message, which you may ignore.  

Next enter RUNPPD and press F4=Prompt.  

You will now be able to enter selection criteria and the spooled file or files matching the selection criteria will be selected and converted.

For example:


Here we have specified the User data and the PPD member name as highlighted above.

Command Parameters

Spooled file user (USER)

The User profile who owns the spooled files to be selected.


The signed on User profile


Select spooled files for all Users.


Enter a specific User's ID.

Output queue (OUTQ)

The print output queue from which the spooled files will be selected.


Select spooled files for all output queues.


Enter a specific output queue name.


If you enter an Output queue then you will also need to enter the name of the library where the output queue resides.


The Output queue resides in the current library list.


Enter a specific Library name.

User Data (USRDTA)

The User specified data used to select the spooled files.


Select all spooled files regardless of user data.

Character value

Select only specified user data.

PPD Member name (PPDNAM)

Enter the name of the PPD file containing the PPD instructions for converting this spooled file.