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The Folder Housekeeping details screen displays the information entered on the first screen, in addition you can specify a Date Type and Days to retain. This screen also allows the Status to be changed, use the F7 function key to toggle between Online and Offline status.


Date Type

The type of date for the file you wish to be used for comparison.

M=Last Modified date

A=Last Accessed date  

C=Last Status Changed date

If you right click on a file in your folder and select Properties you will see the different dates.

Days to retain

This option will allow you to specify how old a file needs to be before being included for deletion. Say you want to delete all files from the previous days output you would enter a 1 here and this would pick up any matching file of one day or older. Entering a 0 will not check the age of the file i.e delete ALL files. If you leave the default of 999 then nothing will happen unless you have files more than 999 days old.


This displays whether the entry is Online or Offline. If the entry is Online then it will be picked up and processed by the FOLDERTIDY job running in the Cobwebb Job Scheduler the next time it runs.

Function keys


Exits the Work with Folder Housekeeping details screen and returns to the Work with Spooled File Housekeeping list, without updating.


Refresh current entries with their original values.


Switches the status of the entry between Online and Offline.


Cancels the Work with Folder Housekeeping details screen and returns to the Work with  Folder Housekeeping list, without updating.