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Sharing and storing your output from existing ERP applications has never been easier. The Cobwebb File output device enables users to automatically turn their IBM i spooled files into either .TXT or .PDF files using the full reformatting power of Cobwebb Document Management. This enables documents such as Purchase Orders, Invoices and Credit Notes etc. to be converted into files together with overlays and reformatting, including barcodes if required. If you are already using Cobwebb Document Management to reformat your prints then the creation of your file output could not be easier.

You can use the existing formatting of your printed, faxed or emailed output and just include an extra file output device in your Cobwebb Design. File names can be dynamically allocated using data from the spooled file such as Order Number, Invoice Number etc., to facilitate retrieval.

Files can be archived in various ways:

as a IBM i physical file member

as a IBM i document in a folder

as a file in the IBM i integrated filing system