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Our mission

Through consistently delivering excellence in business product innovation, we help businesses reduce costs and increase efficiency by designing and implementing software solutions that deliver real and tangible business benefits, with a level of support that cannot be matched by any other company.

Our story

In 1986 Peter Webb spotted an opportunity to help businesses improve efficiency with telex. Over the past 30 years, Cobwebb Communications have built on that initial product to develop a wide range of dependable and efficient business solutions. At Cobwebb we continue to grow and build on our heritage, delivering a range of technical products and solutions to help our customers on their digital transformation journey.

Our ethos

Our job at Cobwebb is simply to help our customers solve problems. And to make that process as enjoyable as possible. We are focused on building long-lasting relationships with our customers through transparent and reliable partnerships that bring about long-term results.

Who we are

Family-run since 1986, Cobwebb Communications have more than 30 years’ experience in delivering dependable and efficient business solutions. Based in Kent, UK, the core of our business is software development, which we complement with consultancy, implementation and support.

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